Weight Management with MORA Therapy

 Mora Therapy has 2 effects about weight management:

  • It specifically reduces the appetite for the food which increases fat production
  • It clears the burdens of the metabolism.

Also our doctors will evaluate your laboratory analyzes and if any conventional treatments are needed they will be started. As a result:

  • the unhealthy diet habits are corrected with an easy diet recommendation thanks to the normalised appetite.
  • Your body remembers to use fat as an energy source and starts to burn the excess fat restoring the natural and healthy weight again.
  • During MORA Therapy you will not need to calculate calories.
  • You will not lose from your muscles and bones, but fat tissue. As a result your skin and connective tissue will not lean out. You will be naturally shaped.
  • There will be no nervousness or cravings, because your metabolism will be more and more balanced every day.
  • Your mental performance will significantly increase as there will be no huge ups and downs in your blood sugar.
  • Lastly there will not be a "yo yo effect" you willl keep your body weight for a long time.
  • May be the most important benefit of the MORA Therapy weight management program is you will lose healthy kgs.

How is MORA Weight Management Treatment Applied?

  • Before the treatment some laboratory tests are done to understand your metabolic state.
  • After the evaluation of the lab tests by our doctors, if it is needed some convetional treatments are started.
  • Sessions are once a week, but the first 2 sessions are in between 3-4 days.
  • Each session continues 30-40 mins. You will be sitting in a comfortable arm chair during the session.
  • There are no known side effects reported till now.
  • After the first session we will give you a metal chip and a solution with homeopathic frequencies recorded.
  • After the initial 2 months if there are more kgs to lose, sessions may be less frequently applied.


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