How Can MORA Therapy Help You For Addictions?



Smoking is one of the most difficult addictions that affects your health.

MORA Therapy will help a lot for anyone who decides to quit smoking, but was unable because of the withdrawal crisis and the continuing deep desire to smoke.
With the powerful effect of MORA Therapy you will experience a cessation period without strong crisis.
The smoking cessation therapy has sessions that are applied during a 2 months period.

  • You will have a pre-therapy assessment with our doctor to reveal the type of addiction.
  • If our doctor decides that you will benefit from our therapy programs we will start the treatments.
  • For minimum 24 hours before the first treatment, we require you to drink around 3 liters of water per day.
  • While coming for the first treatment you need to bring the cigarette brand you used to smoke.
  • Before the very first treatment you will smoke 2 half cigarettes and we will use them during the therapies.
  • The treatments are first day, 3th day 7th day 14th day and whenever you feel a need during the first 2 months.
  • During the treatments you need to sit to a comfortable treatment armchair.
  • First treatment session is the longest one around 45 mins.
  • From the second session, sessions it will be around 30 mins.
  • We will also use Color Therapies to increase effect of the main program.
  • You will be presented a metal chip and drops solution that has the homeopathic frequencies recorded.
  • Marijuana has the same therapy protocol as tobacco.


Alcohol addiction can be devastating both for the individual's pyschology and physical health.

With MORA Therapy's addiction programs you will have a big support for saving yourself from this addiction.

Before the treatment our doctor will evaluate your laboratory analyses to clearly see the damage on the health and recommend you the needed therapy methods.

The treatment package is for 2 months with reserved sessions on the 1st, 3th,7th,14th days.

Also you will have unlimited sessions during the first 2 months whenever you feel you need support.

Effective support for selected medical conditions.

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