Detoxification Support with MORA Therapy

Over the years our organisms are being loaded with toxins and it's mechanisms of detoxification may be blocked.

To support the detoxification process of the body MORA Therapy does 2 things:
  • It stimulates the body for the chronic burdens of toxins, with this process our body starts to "sense" the toxins again and goes through the organic detox process.
  • MORA Therapy balances the bioenergetic system, releases the blockages and make it work better.

While detoxification can be a standalone therapy for selected patients, in our clinic we apply a short but effective detox before every other treatment to increase the positive effects of the programs.
Effective support for selected medical conditions.

Aura Clinic
International Turkish Hospital, Rruga Donika Kastrioti, Blloku Tirana 1023, Albania

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